3 Ways to Improve Your Solo Orgasms

If you're looking to enhance your orgasms, I've got a great tip for you: invest in a high-quality vibrator. All you need to do is ensure it's fully charged, switch it on, and explore until you find the most effective way to reach orgasm. It's that simple. During my twenties, this is all I did to achieve orgasm. I relied on the same vibrator, in the same position, each time. Occasionally, I would change it up a bit by using my massaging showerhead. For me, this was enjoyable enough. The vibrator provided more pleasure than my fingers, and the showerhead gave me a little variety. Excluding oral stimulation, I couldn't imagine anything better.

Then I became bored and horny, so I started experimenting. Although I was content with my orgasms, I was curious whether I could achieve stronger ones. I began to explore various types of stimulation, and to my surprise, I was successful. I realized I could achieve even more pleasure and satisfaction. If you're looking for a more intense finish during masturbation, try one of these methods.

Try a Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm is one of my favorite discoveries. It completely changed the way I achieve climax. I knew that different types of sexual stimulation could lead to different kinds of orgasm. For instance, vaginal sex would produce a different orgasm from clitoral stimulation. My vibrator and showerhead would also bring about varying kinds of orgasms. The climax I experienced during anal sex was distinctive, an incredibly intense finish that satisfied some of my naughtiest desires. However, I was unaware that combining these stimulations could make my orgasms even more intense. A blended orgasm is when you stimulate multiple areas simultaneously to reach a higher level of sexual pleasure. It's incredible. It took the orgasms I already loved and made them even better. I found that the more sex toys I acquired, the easier it was for me to experience all sorts of blended stimulation. If you're limited to using only one vibrator, try simultaneously playing with your nipples while using the vibrator on your clit. However, if you're looking for something more intense, use a penetrative toy while simultaneously stimulating your clit. A good, flexible dildo or a thruster works well for this. The Snail vibrator is a strange-looking toy, but it is fantastic for achieving a blended orgasm. The uninterrupted vibrations it provides to your clit while you use it to penetrate yourself are remarkable. If anal play interests you, you can amplify the sensation further by stimulating your clit and anus simultaneously with a vibrating butt plug or a slim dildo to replicate a thrusting sensation.

Edging Yourself

Although I had always found edging intriguing, I had never thought about trying it on myself. In my mind, edging was a kinky BDSM practice in which one person dominated another. They would provide pleasure but withhold orgasm, meaning whether I climaxed or not was entirely within their control. The idea turned me on immensely. The intense mix of frustration and arousal and complete submission to someone else's whims all made for a very hot fantasy. However, the thought of trying it out on myself never crossed my mind. Although I am sexually submissive, I do not derive pleasure from dominating myself.

It wasn't until I started getting frustrated with my overly sensitive clit that I decided to try edging solo. Being sensitive isn't necessarily a bad thing, but before I learned how to have multiple orgasms, it meant all of my solo playtime was too brief. I would reach climax so quickly that I barely got to enjoy the buildup, and the buildup is one of the best parts of sexual pleasure. I found that the solution to my problem was simple - I could edge myself, delaying my orgasm until I was ready for the big finish, thus prolonging the pleasure.

It was even more effective than anticipated. It allowed me to last longer, and the big finish at the end was incredibly and mind-blowingly powerful. The longer I delayed my orgasm, the stronger it became. To achieve this super-strong orgasm, all you have to do is masturbate as you usually would, but then stop the stimulation when you begin to feel like you're nearing climax. It can be frustrating, and you may squirm and whine, but the payoff will be fantastic. You can repeat the process as often as you like or can handle.

It can be tricky when you are so close to orgasm, but it certainly works, and there is no need for extra sex toys to enjoy it.

Get a Suction Toy

Clit-sucking toys generated a lot of buzz a few years ago. Almost everyone who tried them out claimed that they felt just like receiving oral sex. Naturally, I wanted to try them out because any sex toy that could make me feel like I was getting oral sex is something I need in my nightstand immediately.

Unfortunately, they did not quite meet my expectations of feeling like oral sex. However, they did introduce me to a new form of orgasm and a completely different sensation. If you only use vibrators, I strongly suggest trying one of these toys out. I find it difficult to explain the difference, but I would describe the sensation as feeling like my pussy was pulsing and contracting the whole time I use the clit-sucking toy, and it is a highly intense pleasure. The orgasms come on fast and strong. I would not necessarily say that these orgasms are superior to those I achieve with my vibrator, but they are completely different and an enjoyable way to switch up your self-pleasure routine.

It took me a few tries to find a clit-sucking toy that worked well for me. I initially went for cheaper options that were more uncomfortable than pleasurable. However, my personal favorites are the Lelo Sila and Dame Aer. The Sila is cute, diminutive, and easy to hold, while also providing extremely satisfying orgasms. The Aer is more affordable and works well too.

Give Yourself a Little More

Overthinking is a problem for me, but surprisingly, I had not applied the same level of thought to masturbation. I would quickly orgasm using the same toy, assuming that this was as good as it could be. Perhaps it was because I do not allocate enough time to enjoy things fully. I worry about pleasing others, and as a consequence, I do not do enough for myself. But if I am going to get myself off, I might as well make it count.

I masturbate for longer, giving myself ample time to enjoy the experience. I may also engage in edging, blended stimulation, and explore different toys to reach even more satisfying orgasms. There is no need to limit yourself to simple orgasms when it is easy to give yourself more pleasure solo.

Therefore, do yourself a favor and give yourself a little more during your next self-pleasuring session. It is undoubtedly worth it.