Kegel Ball

The enigma surrounding the utilization of Kegel balls, also referred to as ben wa balls, sex balls, vagina balls, geisha balls, Burmese balls, orgasm balls, Venus balls, or jiggle balls, is not easily unraveled with the vast array of choices available in different designs and materials, ranging from glass Ben Wa balls, metal jiggle balls, silicone Kegel balls, to vibrating love eggs. As such, we present a guide to assist in navigating the labyrinthine selection process and to elevate the level of vaginal pleasure through the reemergence of these antique sensual toys.

The archetypal Ben Wa balls, frequently misspelled as "ben wall balls", consist of a duo of metal spheres connected by a string, serving as barbells for the vagina and providing the vaginal muscles with a resistance training workout through squeezing. These metal balls possess a hollow center and some even contain smaller, freely roaming balls within that jolt and jingle as movement occurs, adding weight for a delightful sensation during usage. Another type of Kegel balls are made of solid glass, affording a smooth, solid surface for squeezing, yet lacking the jiggling internal aspect.

Silicone Kegel exercisers, coated in body-safe silicone for comfort, are the current preferred option, often weighted and jiggling as well. Their silicone covering acts as a cushion, making them ideal for extended usage. These silicone Kegel balls come in single or dual ball configurations, as well as barbell-shaped varieties, each having its unique benefits.

Most Kegel balls are equipped with a retrieval cord for ease of removal, whereas traditional Ben Wa balls, lacking retrieval cords, necessitate the use of the traditional squat, push, and scoop method for removal.

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