How about your delivery cost?

The Dingfoo sex toys goods delivery cost automatically comes up based on the order weight or package size and destination. The freight of same order weight in different region is different, and for your information, different logistics company also is a critical factor. Delivery cost regulation may change in different time without notice, but we promise to make our effort to minimize the delivery cost for you. When applying orders, Dingfoo strongly suggest you, our dear customers, that choose the appropriate delivery way according to the delivery time, freight, region and so on. If your delivery destination is remote location, the extra fee is required and charged by logistic company. Pleas don’t worry, our customer service will contact with you to dissolve this question, or you can inquire with our online customer service before taking the orders. We will contact with you to refund or redelivery if the goods are broken or stolen during the delivery period.

How we ship the item to you?

Our shipping method contains: DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT (Pending) and FedEx (Pending).

Shipping and Delivery
Delivery Options Delivery Time Tracking Link Recommend
DHL Shipping 3-6 working day *****
ups 3-6 working day ****
ems 7-10 working day **
fedex shipping 3-5 working day ***
tnt shipping 3-6 working day *
aramex shipping 3-6 working day **

**Usually the not-so-valuable item (free shipping) is shipped by DHL.
**For express, It's really important for you to provide us with your correct shipping address, contact telephone number, zip code, so that we can delivery the item to you effectively and timely.
**Brazil customers notice: If you are Brazil customers, please mail us telling us in advance your CPF/CNPJ No., it is essential for shipment and customs clearance.

NOTICE: Normally, most of the items on our website can be shipped to most countries in the world. However, different shipping methods may have different limitations on the delivery destination and shipping weight.

For example, so far only EMS is available for Russia, but other shipping method likes DHL, UPS couldn't reach Russia and the maximum shipping weight for DHL and Aramex is less than 300KG while UPS maximum shipping weight is about 20KG.

In this case, our customer service will provide you some instruction.

Where we ship to?

Normally, most of the items on our website can be shipped to most countries in the world. But when the delivery country or region you apply in the order is out of our delivery reach, which means this area is not added to delivery regulation, you can contact our customer service staffs to add this area or use our one on one manual service. However, different shipping methods may have different limitations on the delivery destination. For example, EMS is reached to Russia, but other shipping method likes DHL, UPS couldn't reach. Also, a few countries can't send DHL or UPS. Our customer service will give you the instruction. We suggest you to contact us and make sure whether the item can be shipped to you by your shipping method.

How fast you can get your product?

Besides the shipping option mainly depending the delivery time, the following points are also influencing factors.

  • Your destination: the shipping time to some country is different from the other countries because of your location.
  • The package weight: the package over 21kg will arrive you one day later than that of small package under 21kg.
  • Our courier processing time: our available couriers are optional, and their processing time is one different from that of the other ones. And for several countries, only part of our shipment is available, For example, items to Russia, only EMS is available.
  • Our items stock status: as usual, we will ship out your package in two days after receiving your payment, but for a short time our product is out of stock. When we meet such condition, we will try our best to send the package to you as soon as possible.
  • The harsh weather condition and festival holiday: sometimes the package shipping time will be influenced by the harsh weather condition and festival holiday.

How about combine shipping?

If you ordered one item someday and another one within 2 days, and you want to combine the two items into one shipment, you can contact our customer service about available shipping options.

How about change your shipping method and shipping address?

If I want to change the shipping methods, what should I do?

If you want change shipping methods and our customer service is online, please directly contact our online service to chat in detail. If our customer service is not online after you place an order, please leave an order comment to us telling us what shipping option you need and how much you want to write on the invoice. Once our customer service get your message, we will check with you and if needed you may add shipping cost for express, but we will let you know.

A gentle reminder: you have the time to change the shipping option before we send out your package, usually the item will be send within 2 days after receiving your payment.

How about track your package?

After sending out your package, Dingfoo will mail you the package tracking No. and a related link for tracking your package anytime and anywhere.

Here's the example of tracking for your package.

1.Tracking  DHL:
DHL Check
Input your tracking number, then you can track your package.

2.Tracking UPS:
ups check
You must select your location first.
Then Input your tracking number and track your package.

3.Tracking EMS:
ems check
Input your tracking number,then you can track your package.

What could cause an invalid tracking code?

Invalid tracking numbers could be due to:

  • The shipping company hasn’t updated the recent delivery information to their website.
  • The tracking code was not correct.
  • The parcel has been delivered a long time ago. Some shipping companies will remove the tracking code history.

What should you do when you receive the item?

We guarantee that the item will be delivery to you successfully and safely. After you received it, the shipping company will require you to confirm the package buy signing.

NOTICE: Please provide us with the CORRECT delivery address, contact telephone number and zip code, so that the shipping company could delivery the item to you timely and effectively.