Cuffing Season: The Winter Romance Phenomenon


Cuffing Season refers to the period in late autumn and early winter when individuals who prefer to be single or date around, tend to seek out serious relationships, often due to loneliness and boredom from indoor activities during the colder months.

The Science Behind Cuffing Season

Biology and Evolution:

Clinical psychologist Dr. Wendy Walsh explains that Cuffing Season is a result of our ancient DNA, where survival was enhanced through coupling during times of scarce food and resources.


Increased usage of dating apps and higher birth rates between July and August support the theory of a connection between weather and relationship behavior.

Seasonal Affective Disorder:

Certified sex therapist Casey Tanner suggests that SAD, a type of depression related to seasonal changes, may also contribute to the desire to find a partner during Cuffing Season.

Surviving Cuffing Season


Spend time with friends and family and be open to a potential partner naturally finding their way into the mix. Make sure both partners are on the same page for any casual relationships formed during this time.


Whether caused by biology, correlation, or SAD, Cuffing Season is a real phenomenon experienced by many singles during the colder months. The hope is that these relationships will last beyond Valentine's Day and into the warmer months.