Your Guide to Gifting Sex Toys

When shopping for the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, or just because, you may consider gifting a sex toy. However, there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind to make sure it's a welcome and useful present.

Only Gift Sex Toys to Close Relationships

Sex toys may be perfect for your lover, best friend or sibling, but consider other gifts for those who are not close to you. Ignoring this advice may leave your recipient feeling embarrassed and damage your relationship. You could also face sexual harassment charges. If you're not comfortable discussing your sex life with the recipient, gifting a sex toy may not be a good idea.

Discuss Gifting First

If you're unsure whether someone would appreciate a sex toy as a gift, make sure to talk about it first. Even if you're confident of their acceptance, it's best to approach the topic with care. You might be surprised at how wrong your assumptions can be.

The conversation will differ depending on who the recipient is. If you're planning on introducing sex toys to your sex life with a partner, it's essential to have an open conversation about it. On the other hand, if you're buying a sex toy for a friend or family member, ask about their toy and material preferences.

Be Cautious with Joke Gifts

While hilarious to give and receive, sex toys or accessories as a joke can also be an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation if the recipient is not open to the idea. Some gifts, like those that imply a small anatomy or suggest promiscuity, may even come across as offensive. They might be okay between close friends, but avoid giving them to someone you're not that close with, like your new in-law.

Moreover, prank gifts usually end up as clutter or in the trash if the recipient doesn't have any use for them. Think carefully if you're okay with that or if you'd rather spend your money on something more practical.

Choose the Appropriate Sex Toy

Since you know the recipient well, you may already have an idea of what they want. For instance, your best friend might have talked about pulse air toys, or your sibling may have mentioned their inability to orgasm, making a vibrator an appropriate gift. Similarly, some people enjoy penetration, and a dildo could be a good option.

However, if you're uncertain, think about your recipient's sex toy experience and start from there. If they're new to sex toys, go for something easy to use and not overwhelming. A basic vibrator, such as a bullet/egg, a G-spot vibrator or a smaller wand, is an excellent choice. For someone with a penis, Dingfoo eggs are simple and effective ideas. Penetrative or prostate toys might not be suitable if you're unsure of their feelings toward those kinds of activities.

Although luxury sex toys can be tempting, only give them if you can afford them. Sex toys are highly personal and may not work well depending on one's preferences or body responses. You might never know if your gift was successful or not, and you'll have to accept that while being aware of how much you spent on the gift. Besides, the person you're buying for might feel guilty if the toy doesn't work for them, knowing it came with a premium price tag.

Keep Materials in Mind

When giving a gift that the recipient might use, it’s important to keep materials in mind. If you plan to give insertable sex toys, it’s best to stick to body-safe materials like silicone, glass, stainless steel, or ceramic. You also need to be careful with sensation lubes or stimulating products. Similarly, check for latex allergies if you plan to give someone condoms. You wouldn’t want your recipient to experience a genital reaction while being intimate.

Give Your Gift in Private

Because sex toys and accessories are sensitive in nature, it’s better to give your gift to your recipient when they are alone. It’s best to ensure your recipient opens the gift in private or instruct them to do so. This allows them to respond to the gift more comfortably and without self-consciousness, especially if they feel excited. If you’re giving a sex toy to a lover, this may not be an issue, and you may even get to use it right away.

Choose the Right Time to Present Your Gift

Just like when you bring up sexual issues, you need to carefully pick the right moment to present your gift. If someone is already self-conscious, you may want to hold off giving them the present. You can let them open it by themselves later when they feel comfortable. Remember to adhere to standard gift-giving etiquette. If you plan to give your recipient a gift, inform them beforehand and avoid doing so around other people if you don’t have gifts for them as well. Let them know if you don’t expect anything in return, since some people may feel awkward when they can't return the gesture.

Following this advice can help you avoid any uncomfortable situations for both you and your recipient when giving sex toys as gifts.