Safe Sex Toys: Don't be Afraid to Explore!

Although sex toys provide numerous health benefits such as improved sleep, stress relief, and maintaining vaginal health, many shy away from discussing this fulfilling aspect of sexual health. To empower our patients in selecting safe sex toys, this guide will detail the safest options and key considerations during purchase.

Clarify Your Preferences

With the vast variety of sex toys available, identifying your preferences is vital. Whether you are seeking a toy targeting a specific body part or a collaborative toy that enables your partner to control vibrations from any location, clarity about your needs can narrow down your choices. Consider the power source too: do you prefer rechargeable or battery-operated toys?

Entering the market with a clear idea of your requirements can prevent overwhelming choices from derailing your purchase process, reducing hesitation and promoting confidence.

Consider Customer Reviews

Investigating reviews from other users provides valuable insight into product satisfaction, potential discomfort, or performance issues. Such firsthand accounts can be an effective tool to inform your shopping experience.

Material Matters

As many sex toys are not FDA-regulated, understanding the materials involved is paramount. The three typical types of sex toy materials are porous, slightly porous, and non-porous. Non-porous materials such as silicone, ABS plastics, pyrex, and stainless steel, which are easily cleaned to eliminate bacteria, are strongly recommended.

Silicone toys, owing to their softness and ease of cleaning, are particularly common. It's also essential to avoid fragile or un-tempered glass toys to prevent potential injury.

Appropriate Usage and Maintenance

Proper care, including regular cleaning, is essential once you've purchased your sex toy. We advise washing with warm water and soap after each use, especially when multiple partners are involved, and ensure it dries completely. Each toy usually comes with specific care and maintenance instructions to guide you further.

Why is the Rabbit Style Toy So Popular?

The rabbit-style toy has gained popularity through its representation in popular culture, such as the TV show 'Sex and the City.' Its dual-action design targets several erogenous zones concurrently, contributing to intense and often multiple orgasms. This makes it a popular choice for many women and is certainly worth considering!

Concerned About Discretion?

Many women are apprehensive about their privacy regarding sex toys, especially during unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected death or incapacitation. Dr. Cathy Larrimore, founder of Covington Women's Health Specialists, encourages women to leave a light-hearted note in their toy drawer reading, "You found my toys, and now you know that I was normal! ; )" to ease any potential discomfort.