Where to Conceal a Sex Doll in My Residence?

The Secret of Having a Sex Doll

sex dolls can be wonderful housemates, particularly if you happen to be a solitary individual with limited opportunities for romantic encounters with a human partner.

Nevertheless, there is a minor challenge when it comes to possessing a sex doll and keeping it within your dwelling. Where to stash the sex doll when you have guests visiting your abode?

Typically, individuals who reside solo tend to place their sex dolls on a bed or sofa. However, if someone else needs to enter the residence, such as a repairperson or electrician, it can lead to a rather awkward situation, with a sex doll resting nearby.

Yet, there's another concern. What if the guest attempts to engage in an intimate connection with the sex doll when no one else is present? Would you want your companion to be intruded upon by someone engaging in intimate activities with it? Certainly not.

For this reason, it is always wise to keep your sex doll hidden before welcoming anyone into your domicile. Moreover, it's advisable to conceal your sex doll whenever you leave your home.

Do not take the risk of having another person enter your residence and come across it, regardless of whether it's a family member or intruder. Make sure to designate a secure hiding place for your companion in your dwelling. Here are the top spots to conceal a sex doll in my abode, including:


Your initial inclination would likely be to sequester your sex doll in a closet. This choice appears logical since closets are typically small, dim chambers with doors that obscure their contents. If you have guests over to your home, they probably won't rummage through your closet unless they have a specific reason to do so.

However, if only a serviceperson arrives at your residence to fix something, you need not fret about them snooping around your closet area.

Closets come in various sizes and shapes. Chances are, you possess a wardrobe spacious enough to hide a sex doll. It's not even necessary to have a walk-in closet because you can hang the companion from a hook on the back of its neck.

Numerous sex doll models have a small hook concealed beneath their synthetic skin. To reveal the hook, simply lift the flap of skin on the back of its neck. Subsequently, you can suspend the companion from that hook inside the closet. Although not all sex dolls feature this hook, it's worth a try.

Beneath the Bed

Another common hiding place for sex dolls is beneath the beds they sleep on. Whether this strategy works for you largely depends on the amount of space between your floor and the underside of your bed.

Don't attempt to squeeze your sex doll beneath the bed if there's insufficient space, as it may lead to damage. Ideally, you should be able to slide or tuck the companion under the bed without much difficulty.

If you manage to position the sex doll underneath your bed, you may want to take precautions to prevent it from being seen. However, what if your guest accidentally drops something on the floor? They might spot your sex doll under the bed while bending down to retrieve the item.

To block the companion from view, you can place bags or other personal items in front of it beneath the bed. This additional measure should provide you with greater peace of mind, knowing that it won't be discovered. When you later retrieve the companion from under the bed, it's a good idea to wipe it down with a dry cloth to ensure it's clean.


The garage is yet another typical spot to conceal a sex doll. If you choose the garage, make sure to place the companion in its original storage container, as previously described. Garages tend to become quite hot and humid, particularly in southern U.S. states like Florida.

It's advisable to shield your sex doll from the damp atmosphere to prevent contamination. Although the majority of its components are crafted from synthetic materials, you wouldn't want to risk the development of mold spores on the companion. Garages offer more space than sheds. Locate a roomy area in the garage and position the sex doll's container there. Keep the companion within the container whenever you leave the residence.

Ensure that the container has no identifying markings, so no one can discern its contents. The only factor that may deter you from using this option is if you're concerned about others entering the garage and poking around. If you live with someone else and wish to avoid them interfering with your companion, consider locking the container or concealing it among other stored items in the garage.

Many people store sex dolls in their garages when they own multiple sex dolls. However, it's not recommended to leave your sex dolls in the garage for extended periods, such as months or years. The garage should serve as a temporary hiding space until you're ready to transport the companion to a secure and private location.

Other Suggested Hiding Places for a Sex Doll in My Abode May Include:

  • The detached shed in the backyard.
  • The vehicle trunk.
  • Muslin dust bags.
  • The original shipping box.
  • A securely locked travel or ATA case.
  • A robust golf hard case.
  • A storage bench disguised as furniture.
  • Customized hanging racks for sex dolls.
  • Furniture equipped with concealed storage compartments.


Concealing a sex doll is not an arduous task, especially if you live alone. Your primary concern should be preventing unwanted access to your residence. Therefore, consider investing in intelligent surveillance cameras for the exterior of your home. This way, if you are away from your dwelling for extended periods, you can remotely keep an eye on your companion from a distance.

In today's world, privacy and discretion are vital. The top priority is ensuring that your sex doll remains your own personal secret. With a little thought and planning, you can successfully safeguard your cherished companion and enjoy a fulfilling and private relationship that is solely yours to cherish.

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