Traveling With Your Sex Toys?

Despite the unusual subject, travelling with sex toys isn't as uncommon as one might think. Just as some individuals find it difficult to travel without their partners, others find their journey incomplete without their intimate accessories. For numerous people, sex toys hold more significance than a partner, offering a less demanding companionship. Although most sex toys are compact and can be easily concealed within luggage, there are some aspects one must consider while carrying them during a vacation.

Sex toys, much like pets, might be perceived differently depending on your travel destination and the means of travel. Airport security and customs checkpoints can complicate things. While domestic travel might not be as challenging, international or airplane travel may require more precautions, which is where this article becomes crucial. You likely don't want to become a viral internet sensation due to a sex toy being discovered at an airport. So, to circumvent any embarrassing situation and enjoy a relaxing vacation, it's important to heed the following advice while traveling with your sex toys.

Traveling With Your Sex Toys? Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind

Proper Packaging and Declaration

Choosing to bring a sex toy on vacation doesn't imply a lack of a real partner. In case you have yet to find a compatible human companion, it's imperative that you ensure your intimate devices are correctly packed. These items should be stored in transparent plastic bags and placed at the center of your belongings, surrounded by clothes from all sides. Honesty is key when dealing with airport security and customs agents. Declare your items as personal belongings and request a private screening to avoid awkward encounters or mishaps that could make for uncomfortable future storytelling.

Traveling With Your Sex Toys? Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind

Strategic Selection

Selecting your travel-friendly intimate accessory requires careful thought. While shopping for such items can be quite exciting, it's essential to curb your libido and think rationally for a moment. Besides choosing an item that meets your needs, ensure it is suitable for travel. Opt for smaller devices that can be easily packed. Some items like whips, masks, and even cock rings can be transported without much hassle. However, larger items like dildos or vibrators could cause unwanted airport security alerts. Always remember, even with the best preparations, unforeseen situations can arise.

Maintaining Security and Avoiding Accidents

Ensuring safety and security while carrying sex toys is of utmost importance. Just as Samantha Jones from Sex And The City taught us, both men and dildos can cause similar troubles. So, when traveling with an electric intimate device, make sure to remove the batteries to prevent accidental activations that could lead to embarrassment or worse. The removal of batteries can save you from potential chaotic situations as luggage is often jostled during travel.

Choosing Discretion over Metals

Traveling With Your Sex Toys? Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind

Given that traveling, especially by plane, entails multiple security checks, it's vital to maintain discretion. Instead of attracting attention, choose your smallest and most unassuming sex toy. Particularly, avoid metal items as they are easily detected by scanners and could cause unnecessary commotion. Striking a balance between fulfilling your needs and ensuring a hassle-free travel experience is key.

Liquids: Potential Problems

If you rely heavily on lubricants, remember to consider airline rules regarding liquids. Most airlines have specific guidelines about carrying liquids on board. Failing to abide by these rules could lead to serious consequences, including being banned from flying, which is certainly no laughing matter. Unless absolutely necessary, it is advisable to avoid bringing lubricants on an airplane.