The Modern Era of Sex Toys

Take a quick look around in 2023 and you'll notice that adult stores offering an array of sex toys for women are becoming more prevalent. Social media accounts are also featuring an increasing amount of content related to sex. Despite the taboo that still surrounds the subject, sex remains a popular topic across generations.

If you're new to the world of sex toys or haven't experienced an orgasm, today could be the day you start.

Let me guide you through the best sex toys of our generation to help you gain a better understanding of how we have evolved as sexual beings through exploration and innovative technology to create some unforgettable moments of pleasure!

Empowering Your Pleasure

My recent trip to a sex shop highlighted that female sex toys are the most popular amongst consumers. Women are now more confident in practicing self-love, incorporating these toys into their sexual experiences and paving the way for sexual empowerment. Below, I have outlined some of the most popular sex toys of 2023.

Glass Dildo

The ultimate sex toy for those seeking durability, glass dildos consist of dual layers of borosilicate glass bonded together to create an extremely tough and smooth surface that can be used all over the body for endless stimulation. Pair with your favorite lubricant or arousal gel, which can be found at your local adult shop for maximum pleasure.


Vibrators are one of the best sex toys for women, with options including clitoral stimulators, rabbit vibrators, and G-spot vibrators. Each style has unique features, from curves and shapes to various vibration functions and modes. Regardless of your preference, be sure to use a generous amount of your favorite lubricant or arousal gel for optimal enjoyment, which can also be found at your local adult shop.

Realistic Dildo

For women, dildos offer a unique and enjoyable way to play. The ability to ride a dildo modelled after your favorite porn star or celebrity is a popular way to experiment with kegel and orgasm building, as well as stamina training for longer-lasting sexual experiences. Regardless of the reason, realistic dildos are always tons of fun. For the best experience, pair with ample amounts of your preferred lubrication or arousal gel, found at your local adult shop.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Highly rated among couples during intercourse, vibrating cock rings are smaller devices typically worn by male partners. Worn around the penis and scrotum, these rings help with stamina and promoting healthy erections. Some models also feature a clitoral pleaser nub to help create orgasms for both partners.

For the best experience, pair with ample amounts of your preferred lubrication or arousal gel, found at your local adult shop.

The Honorable Mentions

Fleshlight Canada is the top male sex toy brand in Canada, with the latest models available at local adult shops. Another growing trend is the use of Bluetooth app-controlled sex toys such as Satisfyer's Connect App. This app can be used on any smart device or smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing couples who are not physically together to experience intimacy. Users can also sync with their favorite playlist on Spotify for personalized pleasure.

When investing in sex toys, it's best to look for those with five-star reviews from reputable adult retailers to ensure authenticity. With so many options available, there's sure to be a wild ride for the next few years. Check out your local adult toy store to explore a variety of sex toys and find something new and exciting for your personal pleasure.